The most overlooked cause of headaches

In a previous post, we gave you a few tips on how to get rid of a headache fast. But sometimes, the headache persists. You don’t want to be on pain medications for the rest of your life. Even adjustments don’t seem to fix the issue. (I know, crazy for a Chiropractor to say that, but keep reading because there’s a reason). Chronic headaches and migraines were my nemeses early on in my career. I kept throwing all the techniques I knew, but nothing was seeming to work with this one patient. And then I started to learn about this one thing that is often overlooked…

Temporal Mandibular Joint problem (aka TMJ) cause chronic headaches. The jaw joint is often overlooked as a causative factor for headaches. Some Chiropractors address this, but they don’t get to the cause. They often just address the TMJ itself. But there are many reasons why the TMJ is giving you trouble.

The jaw muscles are strong, particularly the Temporalis. This muscle spreads across the side of your skull. If this muscle is tense you’ll have headaches. And the reason this muscle is tense is due to TMJ issues. So let’s discuss the causative factors for TMJ issues.

Causes of TMJ problems

  1. Direct trauma to the jaw. I usually see this in sports injuries and car accidents. This results in malpositioning of the joint. Scar tissue forms as well. Both of these needs to fixed.
  2. Dehydration – Start drinking more water (1 Liter for every 50lbs of bodyweight). Be consistent with this. Read the book “Your Body’s Many Cries for water” to see how important hydration is to optimal health.
  3. Chronic stress – the stress response will result in the clenching of the jaw muscles. This is just a natural response. You’re only supposed to experience stress for short periods. So prolonged stress periods causes the jaw muscles to clench for longer periods of time. Learn stress reduction techniques such as Yoga & Meditation.
  4. Zinc Deficiency – start taking zinc. This is one of the most deficient minerals for people. Zinc is such an important mineral involved in almost every biochemical process. I recommend between 15-30 mg/day. Don’t exceed 50mg.
  5. Parasitic Infection – parasites are ubiquitous in our society today. This is not something that just isolated to third world countries. I recommend people do a parasitic cleanse at least once a year. Use these for a 6 week period. Take 2 right when you get up and 2 right when you go to bed.

Let’s recap:

  • The #1 overlooked cause for chronic headaches is TMJ issues which have 5 primary causes.
  • Addressing those causes will fix the TMJ and get rid of a chronic headache.

If you need help in any way with your chronic headache, feel free to contact us.



Dr. Mike Okouchi

Doctor of Chiropractic at Velocity Wellness Center
Holistic Chiropractor, Speaker, Blogger. I love learning & teaching all things health. Daily periscopes & weekly podcasts! ALOHA!

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Dr. Mike Okouchi

Holistic Chiropractor, Speaker, Blogger. I love learning & teaching all things health. Daily periscopes & weekly podcasts! ALOHA!